The Skinny 365 is a news and media outlet created by Michael and Jim Ewing. Michael and Jim are brothers who are currently residing in Los Angeles. Jim has a long background in media. He's been an editor for various networks such as DreamWorks, YouTube, MTV and several others. He's also worked as a Director of Photography and still photographer for several companies as well. Over the years he's gained a strong passion for social issues as well as a strong passion for live music and entertainment. His goal for The Skinny 365 is to spread knowledge through various mediums including video content and literature. Michael Ewing has been involved with the sports world for well over fifteen years. He's worked as a sports writer and photographer for several social media outlets. Mike has a strong passion for all major sports and the current events and progression of each of those sports. His goal for The Skinny 365 is to keep the audience up to date on current and future news in the sports world.